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musicStart with a musical genre (or other tags) and find songs to dance a particular style.
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musicFind wedding songs and match them with dance styles.
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Don't see your style of dance here? Let us know and we'll be happy to expand our catalog.

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toolsUse our tempo counter tool to find the tempo of a song and match it to dance styles.
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toolsExplore relationships between the meter and tempi of different dance styles and find songs that match.
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We have more useful tools for dancers coming soon. Let us know if you have an idea for a tool that could help match music to dances or otherwise help dancers find music.


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Introducing Music4Dance.Net/Blog

I’m an amateur dancer and with some training in music who also happens to be a professional software engineer. I love dancing... [Read more]

The Two Questions that Inspired Music4Dance

As a beginning ballroom dancer there were two questions that kept coming up... [Read more]

Question 1: I’m learning to Cha Cha, where is some great music for practicing?

So how do I do that? Dance generally co-evolves with music, so to get a very traditional song... [Read more]

Question 2: What dance styles can I dance to my favorite song(s)?

One of the things that amazes me about the best dance teachers... [Read more]

The Pink Martini Solution

Not all artists are created equal when it comes to creating dance-able music. For instance... [Read more]

Help: How would you group this dance style?

One of the fun things about learning more about different dance styles is... [Read more]

The “Dancing with the Stars” Solution

I learned to dance in part because Dirty Dancing made me want to be Johnny Castle... [Read more]

Wedding Music Part I: Can we dance the Foxtrot to our song?

When did you first learn to dance? For many people it was so that they could dance at their wedding... [Read more]

Wedding Music Part II: We’re learning to Rumba, help us find a good song for our first dance

What if you are particularly in love with one dance style or are just learning to dance one particular style and are looking for an inspiring first dance song in that style? [Read more]

I'm a competition ballroom dancer, can I find practice songs that are a specific tempo?

The quick answer to this question is yes, definitely!First, many of the songs in our catalog have been tagged with a tempo, so it is easy... [Read more]

What if I want to build a list of songs that are tagged as either Bolero or Rumba?

There are a bunch of different reasons that you might want to build lists of songs that are more sophisticated than just the songs that can be danced to a specific style... [Read more]

Let's tag some songs

The tag editor is the first of a number of features that I'm planning that will enable you to customize your music4dance experience... [Read more]

I am learning the Foxtrot, where can I find some music?

The quick answer is to just click this link where you will find a list of over a thousand songs... [Read more]

Searching for music to dance to just got a whole lot easier

I have been adding capabilities to the music4dance advanced search control as they are suggested and as time permits. And it got a bit out of control, so to speak... [Read more]

Are there songs that you never want to dance to again?

I have been adding capabilities to the music4dance advanced search control as they are suggested and as time permits. And it got a bit out of control, so to speak... [Read more]

Top Songs of 2015 -- And what to dance to them.

What better than a top 100 list to end the year? I've taken the Spotify top 100 songs of 2015 (for the USA) and ... [Read more]

If you like to dance Cha-Cha to a song does that mean you “like” that song?

I wanted to build a system where dancers could vote on... But then Amanda (the music4dance intern) pointed out... [Read more]

What are Your Favorite Song to Dance Bachata?

Since I’m going to be taking Bachata lessons for the first time starting next week... [Read more]

Quality over Quantity?

One of the things that I’m struggling with ... is the pull between finding lots of recommendations for songs to dance to against the desire that those recommendations being in some sense ‘good.’ [Read more]

EchoNest Integration - Loads of new tempo, meter and other information to help you find music to dance to

I’ve cross indexed the music4dance catalog with the EchoNest database and exposed some new features... [Read more]

What if I just want to search for songs on music4dance like I do on Google?

One of the things that I've had a lot of fun with is building a sophisticated search engine where... [Read more]

Mobile First improvements to the music4dance website

Most of the time that I use music4dance it’s on desktop computer, but I certainly want access to all of what it can do on my phone and tablet... [Read more]

Search like Google Part II: Autocomplete, Filter by Dance Style and Sorting

Auto-complete is something everyone expects when searching... [Read more]

What are your favorite Prince songs for partner dancing?

I, like many, am mourning and listening to Prince's music. Over and over again... [Read more]

Search like Google Part III: Advanced Search - The Best of Both Worlds?

I've just updated the music4dance site with the remaining features for our search beta... [Read more]

“Search like Google” is now the default

I’ve just updated the music4dance site to make the new search engine the default... [Read more]

Content Over Code

As an engineer, I have a rather extreme tendency to dive into code when trying to improve the site... [Read more]

Do Dancers Think in Eights?

I was tickled to hear Nigel Lythgoe talk a little about choreographing tap on a recent episode of So You Think You Can Dance... [Read more]

Farewell to Rio 2016, but we'll always have The Samba

Now that the 2016 Olympics are over and the Paralympics are wrapping up, [Read more]

Dancing With The Stars, Revisited

I use this show and other as a source for new music, but that biases things... [Read more]

Oops, I didn't mean to throw that needle into the haystack…

"Oh, These Dark Eyes" by Tango No. 9 is in the music4dance catalog, but it wasn't even showing up on the first page... [Read more]

Feel the Beat

If you want to be able to enjoy partner dancing and look good while doing it, you have to be able to dance to the music... [Read more]

How do I find the latest music added to music4dance?

I'm adding new music just about every week, so if you're a frequent visitor to music4dance how can you see what is new.. [Read more]

Share Your Favorite Searches

Have you found a particularly useful or exciting way to search for music on the music4dance site? Just for instance... [Read more]

Where did all the Collegiate Shag music go?

When I first started publishing lists of swing music on the music4dance site?... [Read more]

What is a Fake Waltz?

I was recently asked why there are songs tagged as Waltz in the music4dance catalog that are in 4/4 time... [Read more]

Musicians for Dancers

One of the things I enjoy most about the musci4dance project is when I get feedback from people who have found the site useful... [Read more]

World of Dance

Have you seen the new TV series World of DanceL? If you have any appreciation of dance you should really... [Read more]

Another programmer and amateur ballroom dancer created a site called that solves some... [Read more]

Tango, Argentine Tango, Ballroom Tango, Oh My!

I just took a beginning Argentine Tango class and really enjoyed the experience. I’ve had some experience [Read more]

Farewell to Groove Music

Microsoft is "retiring" its Groove Music Service (aka Xbox Music aka Zune).  Why am I blogging about this?  Partly... [Read more]

Holiday Music for Partner Dancing

It is that time of year when dancers are looking for holiday music for dancing... [Read more]

Finding the latest music on music4dance (take 2)

There are enough people that visit music4dance regularly that I thought... [Read more]

Book Review: The meaning of TANGO

This is a fun book for Tango dancers of all types. The book is very centered around traditional Argentine Tango and does an excellent job of... [Read more]

Playing songs from the music4dance catalog

One of the coolest things about the music4dance website was the ability to use the embedded Spotify player to play the results of a search... [Read more]

Holiday Music for Partner Dancing (Take 2)

It's that time of year again - people are searching for holiday music for showcases and holiday party dances... [Read more]

Please Support

With a catalog of over twenty-five thousand songs cross-referenced by dozens of dance styles and hundreds of tags, we've built a real treasure trove of music to explore... [Read more]

Check out our new Bonus Content Feature

As of this writing the publicly visible music4dance catalog contains just over twenty seven thousand songs. But the underlying index ... [Read more]

Music for Dance Through the Decades

One of the ways that I like to search for music is by era. At least as far as twentieth-century American music goes... [Read more]

Farewell to the "Sign in with Microsoft" option on music4dance

Microsoft has moved to a new sign-in protocol and our current system for signing in with a Microsoft account started failing... [Read more]

Announcing a musci4dance Bug Bounty

Software bugs are miserable things in any context. But when you have a small project like music4dance where there are so many external dependencies... [Read more]

Beautiful Dance

music4dance is all about the relationship between music and dance. And naturally, on the website and the blog, I tend to concentrate on the musical aspect...But every once in a while it's nice to step back and remember that dance is visually beautiful... [Read more]

Dance Pride

Each year Spotify does a number of fun playlists in support of Pride weekend. With this being the 50th anniversary of the riots... [Read more]

The music4dance Blog Just Moved

I just moved the music4dance blog and help system to a new provider. I hate the fact that... [Read more]

Book Review: Hear the Beat, Feel the Music

As anyone who has spent any time reading my blog or interacting with my website should know by now, I’m very passionate about music, dance and the relationship between the two... [Read more]

Create a Spotify Playlist

One of my initial goals with music4dance was to be able to create playlists to dance to. I can finally say that I’ve got this working in a way that is close to my original vision... [Read more]

Holiday Music for Partner Dancing 2019

And yet again, it’s that time of year when dancers and DJs are looking for holiday music for routines and holiday dance parties. In my third annual installment... [Read more]

Ask music4dance: Why don't you have info about musical genres like you do about dance styles?

I searched on your webpage, I could not find info about genre Pop. Can you show me info about genre Pop... [Read more]

Ask music4dance: Can I export music4dance playlists to play locally?

I’ve been thinking about the concept of music4dance since long before streaming services like Spotify existed, so the idea of generating playlists... [Read more]

Where is that feature I asked about?

There are a bunch of features that folks have requested that I am really interested in working on. These are basic features like adding your own songs, community features like being able to ask what to dance to a song or seeing all of a specific dancer’s recommendations... [Read more]

Tempo Counter (Revisited)

I just rewrote the Tempo tool for the music4dance site as part of the current effort to update the site. In the process I went back... [Read more]

Playing with Dance Tempos

As I’ve mentioned before, one of the things that I find helpful is to have access to a tempo counter that allows me to tap a beat and both measure the tempo and show me the dance style... [Read more]

Is Simple Better?

I'm going for the simpler is better concept. Where the old site had a different color for each section, the new pages are all themed in the same way. I've also... [Read more]