Frequently Asked Questions:

Go to the Advanced Search available from the "Music" menu and include the style of dance you are interested then click search. The result should be a list of songs that can be danced to that style.

If you would like more information check out our related blog posts. I’m learning to Cha Cha, where is some great music for practicing? and I am learning the Foxtrot, where can I find some music?

The Advanced Search Documentation describes the different search attributes in more detail.

With the tempo counter tool you can tap out the beat while listening to a song, and we'll show you a list of styles that can be danced to the beat you just tapped out as well as links to the dance styles' information pages.

Or if you have a particular song in mind, search for it and if it is in the database look at what styles and tags are associated with it.

If you would like more information please read this blog blost What dance styles can I dance to my favorite song(s)? and the documentation for the Tempo Counter.

It's Free! You'll be able to edit tags on songs and Music4Dance will remember the songs you like, edited, or even disliked. Register today! We are always working on new features for our site and special features for our registered users.

Contact us at or through our feedback form and we will try to add it! Feel free to give us any other feedback you might have as well.

Go to our Ballroom competition categories page and see the list of the different competition categories and the dance/song requirements for several organizations that publish competition rules.

If you would like more information check out our related blog post. I'm a competition ballroom dancer, can I find practice songs that are a specific tempo?

Check out the wedding page for information to help you get started, or you can go to the advanced search page and look for songs that are tagged as First Dance and/or Wedding.

If you would like more information check out our related blog posts. Wedding Music Part I: Can we dance the Foxtrot to our song? and Wedding Music Part II: We’re learning to Rumba, help us find a good song for our first dance

If you are not finding the answer to your question here or wish to give us feedback on any part of the site please contact us at or through our feedback form.