Argentine Tango

Argentine Tango often refers to the "Tango Trinity" or all "Three Faces of Tango": The Tango, The Milonga and the Tango Vals. These dances evolved at the end of the nineteenth century in Buenos Aires and Montevideo and are danced to Tango Music.

For the purpose of music4dance, we're using the category of Argentine Tango for what Argentine Tango dancers call just "Tango." It is a dance performed in a close embrace to traditional Tango music in 2/4 or 4/4 time.

Like many dance styles, there is plenty of debate as to what to include an exclude in a category. For our purposes, we're including most of what has over the years been termed Nuevo Tango music but placing Neo Tango in its own category. However, any registered user can register their own opinion or refine the system by using the tag editing system.

Tempo Information

The Argentine Tango is generally danced to music in a 4/4 Meter between 22.50 and 32.50 measures per mintue (90.0 and 130.0 beats per minute) . Click here to see a list of Argentine Tango songs between 90.0 and 130.0 beats per minute.

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music4dance's top 10 songs for dancing Argentine Tango

Like/Play Title - Artist Tags
No Opinion Santa Maria (del Buen Ayre) - Gotan Project Beat Energy Mood
No Opinion Querer - Cirque du Soleil Beat Energy Mood
No Opinion Jamás Retornarás - Miguel Calo Beat Energy Mood
No Opinion Quejas De Bandoneón - Aníbal Troilo Beat Energy Mood
No Opinion El Choclo - Tango Society Beat Energy Mood
No Opinion La Viruta - Osvaldo Fresedo Beat Energy Mood
No Opinion El Pollito - Carlos Di Sarli Beat Energy Mood
No Opinion Indio Manso - Carlos Di Sarli Beat Energy Mood
No Opinion Bajo Belgrano - Julio Martel Beat Energy Mood
No Opinion Vibraciones Del Alma - Francisco Canaro Beat Energy Mood

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