Wedding Dance Music

Are you getting married and trying to find the perfect song for your first dance? Or perhaps you're trying to find the perfect dance style for your favorite song? We can help with both of these as well as helping you find music for Father/Daughter or Mother/Son dances.

If you know the song and you would like help figuring out what dance style to dance to it, try looking it up in our music catalog. More details on how to do that are available on this blog post. If we haven't cataloged your song yet, let us know and we'll happily add it.

If you know what dance style you would like to dance, but haven't found the perfect song yet, you can do that kind of search as well. Read the post on how to do that, or just click on one of the quick links below. Each number links to a list of songs that have can be danced to the style specified by the row and have also been tagged with the text in the column heading.

If you're looking for a slow dance, try browsing the Castle Foxtrot and Slow Foxtrot lists, they are full of songs with a good slow and steady beat to do a either a simplified Foxtrot or traditional slow dance.

Don't forget to register (it's free) so you can tag the songs you like and have us remember your favorites while you're playing with options.

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